The Colonial Film

The Colonial Film A preservation and repatriation project

Through the Culturea association, the founders of Eklektik productions have launched and are currently coordinating an ambitious project which aims at making digital copies of hundreds of archive films about the colonial period of Congo, Rwanda and Burundi. These films are being kept in different archive centres throughout Belgium (Tervuren, Kadoc, congregations, televisions)

Copies of these films will then be sent back to Burundi, Rwanda and Congo, for universities and national televisions (and the national museum of Rwanda) to use.

The project aims at exploiting these archives through university research, historical TV programs, documentary film making and permanent exhibitions. The historical programs will be supervised by academic historians. They will also be promoted by the Butare museum.  

Through this project, collaboration between the Tervuren museum and the History departments of the universities of Brussels, Burundi, Butare and Kinshasa will be strengthened, as exemplified by the doctoral “schools” which have recently been developed.  This collaborative aspect is supported by the “Agence Interuniversitaire de la Francophonie ».

Our partners in this project:

-       Three archive centres in Belgium

-       Belgian and African universities

-       One archive centre and one museum in Africa


Below are the links towards the three partner archive centres.