Feature film - Fiction

In production - Major

2018 - FR

Director : Benjamin Viré

Screenplay : Benjamin Viré, Samy Baaroun

Producer : Eklektik Productions (BE)


Max is a former star of the 90s' french rap scene. Today, in his early 40s, his grand comeback is announced after 10 years of silence. But Max is going through a rough patch. He is being harrassed and threatened by Lucie, the woman he loves. In exile at La Panne, a small coastal resort of the Belgian seaside, he finds a backpack on the beach containing the cut-off head of his Producer. He is convinced that this is an act of vengeance concieved by his wife, who is trying to frame him. Max slowly sinks into paranoïa. Each detail takes disturbing proportions.


La 11ème édition des Rencontres de coproduction francophones - RCF / Paris - France / novembre 2014
Frontières - International co-production Market / 2016