What ever happened to Rosemary Kennedy?

(BE, FR)

Short film - Documentary

Finished - Minor

2018 - 52 min 30 sec - Portrait - Français

Director : Patrick Jeudy

Casting : Christophe Malavoy

Producer : Eklektik Productions (BE), Hauteville Productions (FR)

Partners : RTBF , Flach Film Production, France Télévisions et du Centre national du cinéma et de l’image animée. De AB Thématiques pour Toute l’Histoire, VRT, TG4, Czech Television, la PROCIREP – Société des Producteurs et de l’ANGOA., Taxshelter.be.

International sales : ZED


In 1941, JFK’s sister, Rosemary Kennedy, mysteriously disappeared from public sight after a lobotomy ordered by her own father… 

For the first time, a documentary explores what has remained to this day the Kennedy’s darkest secret, and tells the tells the story of a young woman sacrificed by her family because her fragility was incompatible with the clan’s ambitions.

Technical information

Sound : Matthieu Cochin

Editing : Christine Marier

Music : Laurent de Nateuil