Of moustaches and men

Director: Mathias Desmarres
: Marc Recchia
Picture (man with a mustache): Copyright SERGE ANTON

In coproduction with RTBF (Belgian television) & the WIP.
With the support of the French Speaking Community of Belgium.
With the participation of Be tv et TV5 Monde.
Benefited from the Tax Shelter.

Program EURODOC 2011
Coup de coeur FIPATEL at FIPA 2011 (Biarritz)



The moustache is in grave danger! Let us dare say that the moustache is dying!

In the 19th century, it was the incontestable sign of virility and authority.

Today the symbolic perception of the moustache is changing .

In the manner of an investigation, accompanied by numerous testimonies of specialists and stock footage, the film proposes an itinerant journey across Europe to discover the destiny  of the moustache and its evolution.

With serious and humour, he proposes an offbeat and original look on male virility and identity in the 21st century.

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