At home for Christmas

(BE, FR)

Feature film - Fiction

Finished - Minor

2011 - Comédie - FR

Broadcasting date : Noël 2011

Director : Christian Merret-Palmair

Screenplay : Kader Aoun, Mark Bussel, Justin Sbresni

Casting : Virginie Efira,  Adel Bencherif, Jacky Berroyer, Jonathan Lambert

Producer : Eklektik Productions (BE), Productions de l'Abreuvoir (FR)

Partners : RTBF (BE), France 2 (FR)


Sarah Moreau is a brilliant lawyer who controls everything in her life. Her business woman life does not allow her to leave anything to chance, especially on holidays. And now it's Christmas. Everything seems to be under control. Anything but destiny... When Christmas became the longest day, how to keep the Christmas spirit?

Technical information

Cinematographer : Pascal Rabaud

Sound : Robin Bouët

Scenery : Etienne Méry

Make-up : Emmanuelle Gendrot

Editing : Fabrice Doutcourt

Music : Erwann Kermorvant

Unit manager : Jacques Zanoli


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