Bakolo Music International


Feature film - Documentary

Finished - Major

2020 - Linguala, Anglais, Français

Broadcasting date : RTBF : 29/06/2020

Director : Benjamin Viré & Tom Vantorre

Screenplay : Benjamin Viré & Tom Vantorre

Producer : Eklektik Productions (BE), Diplodokus (BE)

Partners : Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles


"Bakolo Music International" celebrate the group's 70th anniversary. This year they are setting off on a new international tour. Whatever happens in this journey, the musicians will continue to play rumba until their last movement : a guitar chord, a phrasing in a saxophone or a dance step. 

Technical information

Cinematographer : Tom Vantorre

Sound : Bas de Caluwé, Karel Verstreken , Yves Bosschaerts, Jean-François Levillain

Editing : Thomas Vandecasteele


Prix du jury étudiant - Festival FAME Paris 2022


Brussels Arte Film Festival 2021
African Film Festival Atlanta 2021
Festival Africa Fête Marseille 2022
Festival FAME Paris 2022
Festival Image et Paroles D'Afrique