Covid Boys


Feature film - Fiction

Finished - Major

2023 - 80' - Mockumentary, Fiction - Français, Néerlandais

Director : Simon Torbeyns, Oscar Briou & Eduard De Vos Van Steenwijk

Screenplay : Simon Torbeyns, Oscar Briou, Eduard De Vos Van Steenwijk & Simon Bart

Casting : Eduard De Vos Van Steenwijk, Oscar Briou & Simon Torbeyns

Producer : Eklektik Productions (BE)


During lockdown, Eduard and Oscar, two young people losing their senses, decide to set up a self-proclaimed health militia to enforce Covid standards. A young documentary filmmaker decides to follow this duo. They are skyrocketing in the media and receiving support from the authorities, becoming radicalized and more violent. How far will they go?

Technical information

Cinematographer : Simon Torbeyns

Sound : Sonix - Christophe de Moffarts

Editing : Simon Bart