Hunting Down Trotsky

(France et Belgique)

Feature film - Documentary

Finished - Minor

2022 - 52 minutes - documentaire - FR

Director : Marie Brunet-Debaines & Elin Kirschfink

Screenplay : Marie Brunet-Debaines

Producer : Nathalie de Mareuil et Virginie Chapelle

Partners : CPB films, RTBF, ARTE ZDF, LCP, Tax

Distributor : CLPB rights

International sales : CLPB rights


On 21 August 1940, Trotsky was murdered in Mexico, after 11 years in exile. His killer, Ramon Mercader, a young Spanish communist, resembled a character from a spy film. He was recruited in 1937 by Stalin's secret services when the decision was made to eliminate Trotsky, his tireless opponent.

Through the epic tale of Trotsky's last years in exile in Mexico, enhanced with flashbacks of his political past, this film, a veritable historical thriller brings us both the story of Trotsky's life in exile and the simultaneous implementation of "Operation Duck", the codename for his assassination.

Technical information

Cinematographer : Laurent Chalet