(BE, CH, CI)

Feature film - Fiction

Finished - Minor

2010 - 86 min - IT

Director : Mohammed Soudani

Screenplay : Mohammed Soudani

Casting : Fabrizio Rongione, Fatou Kine Boye, Max Tardioli, Lorenzo Tanzi, Mona Petri, le lion TZAR

Producer : Eklektik Productions (BE), Amka Films Productions (CH), Nikadys Production (CI)

Partners : RSI Radiotélévision suisse, Oltremondo Studio, Virtual Solution, Animoka Studios, Eklektik Production, Diberti & C srl, Office fédéral de la culture, Fonds de production télévisuelle Sarl, Republique et Canton du Tessin, FilmPlus de la Suisse Italienne, Fondation Suisa

Distributor : Films Productions (CH)

International sales : Films Productions (CH)


During a class trip to the zoo, Lionel, a young african boy, is irresistibly attracted by an old lion in a cage. The animal whispers to help him to return to Africa ... these words sound strangely like the ones his grandfather told him just before his death in their African village.

Technical information

Cinematographer : Pietro Zuercher

Sound : Jean-Pierre Fénié

Scenery : Sara Beltrame, Mohammed Soudani, Francesco Niccolini

Costumes : Laura Pennisi

Make-up : Assunta Ranieri

Editing : Gianni Schmidhauser

Music : Diego Ricco

Unit manager : François Baumberger