Mfumu Matensi


Short film - Documentary

Finished - Major

2003 - 54 min - FR

Director : Nicolas de Borman, Samuel Tilman

Screenplay : Nicolas de Borman, Samuel Tilman

Producer : Eklektik Productions (BE)

Partners : CBA - Centre de l'Audiovisuel à  Bruxelles


Victor Mertens, known to the Congolese as Mfumu Matensi, is the oldest Caucasian Jesuit missionary alive in the Congo today. He has been living there for the last 65 years. Victor's life symbolizes the dreams and desillusions of the Belgian missionary project."Mfumu Matensi" is a toung man's viewpoint on the extraordinary destiny of one of the last witnesses of his generation.


Festival International de Namur (FIFF) / Belgique / septembre 2003
Festival International d'Amiens / Belgique / novembre 2003
Festival du Film Indépendant de Bruxelles / Belgique / novembre 2003


FIFAPEL - Le Festival de la Création Audiovisuelle Internationale (FIPA) / France