Mode Avion


Feature film - Fiction

In production - Major

2024 - Français

Director : Samuel Tilman

Screenplay : Samuel Tilman, Baptiste Lalieu

Casting : Karim Barras, Camille Sansterre, Laura Sépul et Félix Vannoorenberghe

Partners : RTBF, Proximus, FWB, Tax Shelter


Four strangers wake up groggy on a small, deserted island. They've been kidnapped, they don't knoweach other, and they seem to have nothing in common. They've each been given a phone, withoutcontacts or apps. Soon, a masked figure sends them a video message: if they figure out why they'rethere, they'll be freed. In the meantime, they are allowed one and a half minutes of connection time perday to communicate with the outside world. A minuteand a half is not enough time to solve that many problems.

Technical information

Cinematographer : Jean-François “Jeff” Metz

Sound : Olivier Ronval

Costumes : Sarah Josis

Editing : John Pirard

Unit manager : Simon Heymans