Natural Disasters Mega Regulators

(FR, BE)

Feature film - Documentary

Finished - Minor

2022 - 90' et 52' minutes - Documentaire - FR

Release date : 01/02/2022

Broadcasting date : 18 avril 2022

Director : Christine Tournadre

Screenplay : Christine Tournadre, Estelle Raffin et Bernard Mathieu

Casting : avec la voix de Patrick Ridremont

Producer : Jerôme Duc-Maugé et Virginie Chapelle

Partners : France 5, RTBF, Ushuaia TV, Tax, CNC, Région Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Département de la Haute-Savoie, CITIA

Distributor : Terranoa

International sales : Terranoa


Tsunamis. Volcanic eruptions. Forest fires... Humanity has always feared natural disasters, but a change of paradigm is emerging: on a global scafe, disaters never come alone! Scientists are discovering their interconnections, how one is triggered by another. Researchers are able to make out links between a cyclone and an earthquake, a volcanic eruption and a sea current. We're uncovering the secrets of a suffering natural world which benefits from such upheavals and recreates itself as it gets destroyed. A new take on these extreme phenomena which act as the great climate regulators.

Technical information

Cinematographer : Jean-Pierre RIVALAIN ,Hervé GLABECK , Harvey Chang , Steve PITRE, Duncan CLARK

Sound : Christophe FOULON, Noël MORROW, Dalton PATTERSON

Editing : John Pirard

Music : Baptiste CHARVET

Unit manager : Fred Duuez


Sélection appel à pitchs Sunnyside 2019
Prix du Meilleur Pitch Européen Fipadoc 2020