Solvay, an insdustrial empire in the light of history


Short film - Documentary

Finished - Major

2012 - 54 min - FR, EN

Director : Mathias Desmarres

Screenplay : Samuel Tilman, Mathias Desmarres, Nicolas Coupain

Producer : Eklektik Productions (BE)

Partners : Solvay


The Solvay industrial empire has existed for 150 years.
This chemical giant was born in Belgium in the mid-19th Century, in the form of a closed secret company.
It has the distinction of being both a family business and one of the oldest multinationals in the world.
Surprisingly, its rich history remains unknown.

How did untrained entrepreneurs set out to conquer the industrializing world?
How did their company survive the turmoil of History?
How did it adapt to the upheavals of a world where the race for innovation accelerates constantly?
The documentary captures this uncommon industrial venture and puts it in the context of the great History.

Technical information

Sound : Jean-François Levillain

Editing : Marc Recchia