Staying in the wood


Feature film - Fiction

Finished - Major

2016 - 83 min - Comédie - FR

Release date : 26 avril 2017

Broadcasting date : BE TV - 14 mars 2018

Director : Michaël Bier, Erika Sainte, Vincent Solheid

Screenplay : Michaël Bier, Erika Sainte, Vincent Solheid

Casting : Vincent Solheid, Erika Sainte, Michaël Bier, Bruno Verstraete, Serge Demoulin, David Murgia, Cécile Piret, Claire Beugnies, Eno Krojanker, Adriana Da Fonseca

Producer : Eklektik Productions (BE)

Partners : Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles, Shelter Prod, Voo & Be Tv, Topcare Productions

Distributor : O'Brother Film Distribution (BE)


Vincent, a visual artist, is preparing his new exhibition. He has decided to revisit some of the most ignominious moments of his past by making video works out of them. He convinces his girlfriend, his mates and a few bearded guys to join him... Something he maybe shouldn't have done.

Technical information

Cinematographer : Pierre Choqueux

Sound : Bruno Schweisguth

Scenery : Alice De Vestele

Costumes : Anne Fournier

Editing : Matyas Veress

Music : Manuel Roland, Julien Mizac, Max Pistorio

Unit manager : Benoit Boquet


Be Film Festival / Belgique / décembre 2016
Les Magritte du Cinéma Belge / Belgique / février 2018
FICG33 - Video Library / Mexique / mars 2018
Festival du cinéma belge en Normandie / France / mars 2018
Sabam Awards Francophones - Catégorie Meilleure compositeur pour Manuel Roland / Belgique / décembre 2018



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