The darkroom


Short film - Fiction

Finished - Major

2013 - 13 min - Comédie romantique - Muet

Director : Maxime Pistorio

Screenplay : Maxime Pistorio

Casting : Patrick Descamps, Mathieu Alexandre, Lisa Debauche, Isabelle Roelants, Didier Colfs

Producer : Eklektik Productions (BE)

Partners : Touscoprod


A photographer specialized in food pictures, goes about with his model as with the chickens, and persecutes his young awkward assistant.

One night, the assistant develops the photos, and a magical phenomenon occurs: the images come to life, and the assistant steps inside the photos, and delves into an intense love story with the model.

The following day, the developed photos are beautiful, and no one suspects their secret ...

Technical information

Cinematographer : Philippe Therasse

Sound : Aymen Sahli

Scenery : Sylvianne Besson

Costumes : Céline Baltazar

Make-up : Elise Van Durme

Editing : Emilie Morier

Music : Piotr Paluch

Unit manager : Vincent Terlinchamp


Festival Paris Courts Devant / France / novembre 2013
INTERFILM FESTIVAL / Allemagne / novembre 2015

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