the hidden beauty of the ugly

(France et Belgique)

Feature film - Documentary

Finished - Minor

2022 - 2x43' - série documentaire - FR

Release date : avril 2022

Broadcasting date : mai 2022

Director : Jean-Baptiste Erreca

Screenplay : Jean-Baptiste Erreca et estelle Raffin

Producer : Jérôme Duc-Maugé et Virginie Chapelle

Partners : ARTE GEIE, RTL Belgium et Tax

Distributor : ARTE

International sales : ARTE


Threatened as much as pandas or giraffes, "ugly animals" are left behind in safeguarding and preservation plans. They are ugly, but their off-putting attributes allow them to survive. Their apparence conceals an incredible biology and a primordial role in the ecosystem...

Let's discover lamprey, tarsier, bald ibis and many more, it's time to celebrate ugliness! 

Technical information

Cinematographer : Nicolas Goudeau Monvois / Hugo Braconnier /Nicolas Le Gal

Sound : Victor Jullien

Editing : Jean-Baptiste Erreca

Music : Nicolas Haas

Unit manager : Frédéric Duuez