The last stand


Feature film - Animated documentary

Finished - Minor

2016 - 90 min / 52 min - FR

Broadcasting date : 21 décembre 2016

Director : Samuel Tilman

Screenplay : Samuel Tilman

Casting : Clovis Cornillac

Producer : Eklektik Productions (BE), Program33 (FR)

Partners : Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles, RTBF (Télévision belge), Take Five, Proximus, CNC, CNC Nouvelles technologies, France 2, Procirep, Tax Shelter, Région Bourgogne.


Forgotten, fantasized, mythicized, the Gaul is not the one that we imagine. It's time to discover it's real face. During 90 minutes and thanks to the miracles of animation, this ambitious docufiction gives it a second life. Based on the recents archaeology's discoveries, the crossed stories of the Gallic warrior Apator and the voice of the knowledge wearing the documentary sequences, make the mysterious Gallic civilization alive again.

Technical information

Sound : Jean-François Levillain, Philippe Charbonnel

Editing : Véronique Lagoarde-Ségot, Anne Cutaia, Cécile Coolen

Music : Guillaume De Maria

Unit manager : Magali Boccaccio, Delphine Blaineau


Les printemps de l'archéologie / France / mars 2019

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